Not to get all Lord of the Ringsy

Hello Exile Builders

I like Akiro from the Conan movies.

Why not implement “Sage” or “Wizard” thralls? We can capture them (with difficulty) but when following, can summon certain spells etc during battles?

Just a thought

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This would require a magic system, which we do not have and are unlikely to ever get.

They can spell healing buffs on their Lord.

Not whatsoever lore friendly.

Look up the Age of Calamitous mod if you desire high fantasy.


Can you explain “lore friendly” please?

To my understanding wasn’t there a lot of wizardry in Conan stories/canon… which is lore?

Rogues in the House featured a lot of magic spells, as did Black Colossus, The Pool of the Black One, Red Nails, etc?

I’m reading a book right now called “Lord of the Black River” that features a number of incantations that produces magic…?

So how can a wizard thrall not be considered “lore”?

Please explain


Again mate, I still don’t get what you are saying. Akira is a character that appears in novels written by Robert Jordan, who as I understand it, has continued canon story, ergo, Akira is lore…?

I’m trying to understand you. Can you type a few sentences for me that furthers your thinking on the matter?

Are you saying that Jordan stories are not canon? Is that what you mean when you say “not whatsoever lore”?

Again, this topic is about wizard thralls. And magic is Conan lore. I can cite hundreds of references from Howard and other canon authors like Robert Jordan, L. Sprague, etc.

If I’m wrong can you please offer evidence for me?


Akiro not “Akira” lol sorry for the typo

He’s wrong about it not being in the lore. However, the main concern is that it’s a slippery slope into high fantasy. It would be very easy to end up with Harry Potter instead of Akiro.

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Yes good point.

I see what you mean by high fantasy, and no we won’t go there. But, can we apply things that just appear in the novels? Maybe put a boundary on that so we don’t get carried away with the magic?

Admittedly, when magic appears it seems to be spells and incantation type things, certainly not fire blasts shooting from your hands lol.

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One could argue that many of those effects were produced either with alchemy or science, or powerful artifacts (such as the lightning-shooting wand in Red Nails). Or the magicians in question were thousands of years old, undead master sorcerers, not someone you could just bonk on the head and make them your BFF. Other magics, such as Tascela’s eternal youth, were produced using long and involved rituals, not something your follower could just do on the fly. Zogar Sag in Beyond the Black River was able to communicate with beasts and summon them to do his bidding, but that’s what our pets are basically for.

Other examples would include short-term animating the dead, paralysis or mind control. I’m not sure if the last two would be easy to balance in a PvP environment where even a few seconds can mean your death.

So my question is: what would these friendly wizards actually do in the game? What sort of spells would they cast?

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They would summon a demon more ferocious than all in hell of course. :wink:


He probably meant gamewise.(?)

Nope, even gamewise. Who is it that organized the current bracelet/exiled lands/purge situation? That would be a wizard.


Excellent questions. I don’t have a response sorry, but largely that’s the point of raising a discussion is it not? To elaborate, point out flaws etc? Thanks for your response! It has me thinking…plus your “bonk” comment was funny lol.

Yes good point. Did not realise that, thank you

That’s the past. I’m talking about what resulted in the current situation. His name is Thoth Amon.


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