Not understanding this, can someone explain?

So … I finally figured out I’m gonna dive back into Conan, and play around with the sorcerer.
I’m casting a light spell ( Imbue Whisp ), and that’s fine … cast again, remove it. Great!

Running Wine Cellar, it’s so dark, so I’m casting the spell again… but now, nothing works … only gaining corruption everytime I try to cast spell. Could someone please explain to me how this actually works? I’ve tried to google this, but can not find any answer. Next time I log on, I can again cast the whisp once, but no more. Gaining corruption once again… This frustrates me alot. I really wanted to be able to cast ice bridge, lights and whatever is down the road, but not only once per login…

Am I missing something? I have pouches on me… is there something else I need to bring to cast it?

I am fairly certain that at some point they decided that using Sorcery in Dungeon areas would not be allowed.

I do not recall a reason behind this decision.

I hope that helps.

The wisp/light spell works for me in the Wine Cellar. Just logged in to test it, works completely fine. AFAIK, it is enabled in all dungeon.

Not all magic is blocked in dungeons, only some spells such as Ice Bridge, probably as it would allow to skip some parts.

Next question… why isn’t it working for you?

others have reported having similar problems with the Wisp Spell.

If you cast imbue wisp and then remove the effect, you can’t cast it again without logging out - PC Discussion / PC Bug Reports - Funcom Forums

Yeah … both me and my wife have the same issue … it doesn’t matter where we are … outdoor, indoor, dungeons … it’s always been the same … work once … give corruptions after…

Hu. That sucks. But it means that relogging should fix it. Not the greastest thing, but well, better than nothing.

As it doesn’t seem to happen with everybody, it should be fixable. Maybe they’ll look at it next patch.

True. How is it if I log off in a dungeon? Will I spawn back where I am, or outside or?

You should find yourself outside just in front of the dungeon after relogging.

So… end the spell in front of the dungeon, relog, enter the dungeon, cast the spell, I’d assume.

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