Nothing but glitches, bugs and lag

I was so exited about Siptah and i must say it was better that expected. But with all of these problems on mainly the lag and server issues i really don’t care to play much anymore. For example just now i entered a vault, cleared it until the main boss and would you look at that, server disconnected. I haven’t been able to reconnect since, it’s been about 20 minutes now. If my thrall is alive, i would be amazed… And everyone knows how it goes for me. When i finally get back in, my character stands up way before i get out of the loading screen and dies before i’m able to do anything. My corpse is at the vault boss and getting there naked and salvaging my gear is next to impossible.

Thank you, Funcom. Thank you so very much.

If u disconected while in the vault, your thrall is for long time already back at guard point an u will be teleported out of the vault.

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