NPC archers prone to flinging themselves off of high areas?

Kind of an odd AI thing where they don’t care where they back off of. They don’t see to take any real damage and then get teleported back.


Since patch 2.2 where they released the Dumbest AI Ever I have mostly been playing a simple loop in Siptah of vaults and surges, and I have noticed a lot of annoyances with the AI. More recently I have been revisiting the Exiled Lands and there are so many areas where the AI is just absurdly stupid. Archers leaping off cliffs all the time, The Watcher flailing about like a lunatic and falling off the bridge, Frost Giants spinning like idiots off the bridge in the smith room. It’s just mind-numbing that this crappy and buggy of an AI was ever conceptualized, much less implemented and released. Please hire some competent people.

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hahahahaha! Kamikaze style motherclappers everywhere …the kicker is,… they’ll fall from 1000 feet, and not suffer a single point of damage! hahahah! i’d much prefer if they make the AI less prone to suicidal jumps off of ledges, and, for instance, use dodge mechanic sparingly (next thing we don’t wanna see is NPCs spamming dodge and being a PITA to hit , and never run out of stamina doing so! :smiley: )

Hey @arthurh3535

Thanks for taking some time to try the new Testlive build and report your constructive feedback! :slight_smile:
Could you send us a small video clip of this issue happening so we can have a better look at this particular issue?

TeleportPlayer 26838.726563 -35745.902344 -13221.52832

Keeps teleporting back up after a while, then just steps off like its flat ground behind him.


It isn’t just archers. Melee NPC’s and your thrall can and will fall off high areas. At least in the Exiled Lands that is the case.


Thanks for the video and the coordinates. They’ve been relayed to the rest of the team so we can look into it.
Thank you @Technicolorfool as well for the additional information.

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Hermano, tienes que ser paciente. Es mas facir arreglar y ajustar el juego en la computadora que en una consola. Si ellos sacan el update y no esta 100% effectivo va tomar bastante tiempo para que lo arreglen. Es mejor ser paciente y espera que saquen todo listo y sin problemas. No culpes a Funcom, culpa a sony y microsoft.

Soy paciente hermano, pero llevamos 7 meses, agradezco el trabajo de funcom. Por eso me gustaría disfrutarlo, isla de siptah es una pasada. Créeme soy el primero que dice que funcom esta haciendo las cosas muy bien. Mi única queja es por el tema consolas, sin lugar a dudas siptah merece la pena. Amo este juego y amo todas las novedades. Entiéndeme

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