Guys (Funcom), please, for Siptah's sake, do these two things, por favor :

  1. make archer thralls less suicidal with the flinging off ledges thingy they got going on right now, perhaps have them do a dodge roll to escape melee, or engage in melee at melee distances every 6-10 seconds, (otherwise they’ll spam it, i know :smiley: )
  2. what is wrong with Siptah’s lighting? things are either too dark, or too light. Exiled lands are perfectly lit, everything looks great! Days are days, nights are nights.
    Thank you, and be blessed!
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I do agree, in part, with point 1. Getting archers to walk backwards, simply ignoring free edges and falling off practically all structures, is not quite an improvement in archer AI, as mentioned.

Try to capture an Ulric of the Damned, near drop areas, and it will become evident that AI needs adjustments.

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Hey @Balrog

We’ve currently addressed point 2 of your thread in our newest Testlive update. Regarding point 1, it has been reported on Testlive, where we’ve gathered information to investigate this issue more thoroughly.

Thanks for the feedback!