NPC disappear on solo and co-op

Hi me and me daughter play the game on co-op, and sometimes I play solo, we have had the game just 2 weeks, Now the problem is the mobs NPC in camps just disappear with out any reasons, my camp is far away from any NPC camp on an Island , closest big camp is the one by the Dreg which is a bit to run to. how do I solve this? we have restarted the game several times, started new game, rebooted the server. sometimes it fixes it but then we log out and when we log in again then all the NPC are gone.

Assuming this is PC, the more permanent fix is to simply host a server off of the computer that is already the coop host, or host a server off an extra computer in the house. Either option is free, just takes time to get it setup.

The quick and temporary fix is to simply port someplace far away using admin port, then port back to the location and that should result in the NPCs spawning.

porting is not something that helps, we even ran from camp to camp and all the camps where empty of NPC, at best I had to restart the game once at worst 3-5 times.

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