NPC not spawning

NPC’s are not spawning pretty far from my base.

I have my own server and NPC’s have not been spawning a great distance from my base. In Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 the NPC’s would spawn. Now in Age of War Chapter 1 they are not.

Example: I built above the boss crocodile in 4G. The boss crocodile spawns but all the little crocs do not. A friend built on the pond in 7B and some of the NPCs in Sep do not spawn in. There is a significant distance between the two.

Is there anyway for me to change the radius of spawning?

Check to make sure this value is present and set to the default in your ServerSettings.ini file for the server:


It is set to that value.

Curiously, I may have encountered something similar after the recent update. Do the non-boss crocs not spawn or do they fail to respawn?

Possibly, the latter is a thing now. I also have a base near a boss (demon spider on Siptah), but in enough of distance so that it didn’t affect the area before Age of War.
I killed the spiders and the boss while extending my base, and noticed that the boss respawned several times, but not the regular spiders, or they failed to respawn at all.

That was on single player, though, and may have been some weird effect of the limited rendering distance. Sounds similar to this report, though, so maybe there’s something to it.

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