NPC people and Beasts Stuck Underwater

Game mode: Online & Singleplayer
Problem: Performance & Bug
Region: All

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Aggro an enemy
  2. Go underwater
  3. That’s it
  4. They’re stuck

I have found that since I have played Conan for a whike there has been one specific bug that is a little weird. It can also be annoying if you find an t4 NPC that you want to enthrall. When an enemy chases you into water, sometimes they will stop at the edge or stop caring about you. However, frequently, they willnplunge into the water with you, and then freeze there, in their swimming animation. They don’t move or make any attempt to chase you. They’re just stuck until you leave and they despawn.
I don’t know if the issue is in the works for being resolved, but hey, here I am complaining about it.


And they want underwater dungeons xD

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According to the trello community board of items being worked on, a fix for NPCs following players into water and getting stuck has been patched into the PC version. It doesn’t say all platforms… so a nudge to @Ignasi … did the fix for water-loving NPCs get patched to PS4 / Xbox ?
(Edit: because if it has been … well looks like there’s still an issue)


Hey there @Punky_Chicken

As @Kwalya mentions, we released a fix for this issue recently, but it seems that some parts of that problem still remain after it. We’ll send word to our team so they can keep looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback.

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I’ve had few purges, they spawn underwater. (they never drown…)

One patch notes, mention crocs could swim…but never happen.

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