Npcs, Freezes and blood splatter

I was in the testlive tonight along with many others. They has their own bugs to report heres mine. I could not get rid of the blood splatter caused by getting hit by npcs. This was not screen blood splatter it was on my characters body. I noticed everytime I came close a base that was very well cluttered I would freeze…I dont know if this is a testlive problem or a problem with the patch. The npcs are getting stuck underneath water. It seems to happen to every npc even the poor little bunnies.
Love the game btw I hope I can help make it better and better.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get hit by an npc and this might occur for you Others did not have this issue.
  2. Walk up to anyones base that has done such a good job that it makes you stand still…well freeze lol
    3.Npcs getting stuck in the water is a naturally occurring cycle in testlive right now. Just wait