Testlive Problems

I just started testlive today 4/14/18. Games is coming along great!!
Windows 7, GTX 980, Intel i7, 3.3ghz, 16gig Ram

Here is a list of problems I have experienced.

*There is a gap between my characters face and beard. Ugly! :slight_smile:
*Cannot access Main menu with ESC key.
*Cannot exit menus with ESC key like before. (after a few hours playing, immediately after I upgraded my vitality attribute to reach the 3rd tier to where i would start regenerating health automatically I pressed ESC[my usual habit] and it exited me out of the window back to my playable window, been working every since) I was between level 39 and 40 when this started working again.
*Top half of bodies are buried in the ground. feet sticking straight up in the air…top half of bodies burried.
*Deer standing submerged in the water. In the newb area, greater river.
*Used the windows key in order to access this browser and game is froze. I cant get back into it at all. I can use other applications but not the game app. Had to force close it.
*My character is standing in the narrow river to the east that branches off of the newb great river and heads north, right beside Scavengers Berth. I start to take damage but nothing is around me, skies are clear in the middle of the day. i am dying and notice my window says sandstorm but there are no signs of it at all in the sky. I die!