Npc spawn under map during purge

My base is up on one of the bridge towers, and it seems every time we get purged the npc’s will spawn inside of the tower. There is no way in I’ve tried everything. I’ve put foundations around then outside randomly to try to prevent it, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions or is it just a common bug I have to deal with?

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It happens when the purge doesn’t have access to attack your base. Building on a small island or on a tall structure will cause them to actually spawn inside your base. Perhaps if you ran foundations that connect to your base all the way down to ground level it would hit their. We have used poison arrows on NPC,S in rocks and walls. Good luck to you.

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Hi @Lezbefriendz, welcome to the forums!

We’re aware of the issue and it’s being looked into. As sestus2009 has mentioned one of the most common causes for this occurrence is having an inaccessible base.


We’re on a map structure and have run foundation all the way to ground level and built a connected structure down there as well and our last purge actually spawned up on a mid level deck. :frowning:

The purge is definitely a strange beast we have had npc spawning outside and inside of building’s. Hopefully one of the new patches will help you out. What are you getting purged by. And maybe any other relevant information. I am going to throw out some feelers. @Wack4863 do you have a video that might help these good people.? Thank you

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for us the purge doesn’t even finish we get one or two waves and than nothing we must wait until the purge runs out of time

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