[NPC] T-800/T-880 mobs respawn in Rubi-Ka missions after death

Description: Per title. Omni snake robots sometimes respawn after being killed in Rubi-Ka missions.

Most recent example was in a T-880 in 20K; solo mission rolled as all bad, all credits, rest of the sliders default.

If pertinent, Shift+F9 information for zone type is

Extended location information:

  • 245.0, 195.0, 5.0 (245.0 195.0 y 5.0 256281)
  • Pf Proxy: Model=51103:6139004 GS=0 SG=0 R=256281, resource: 320
  • zone: 18, area: “”
    Server id: 3509, character id: 50000:787948467, time: 2018-08-27 21:28:08 (UTC)
    Version: 18.8.28_EP2, map id:, build: 52427.

Resource 320 looks like a static resource: rk missions usually have a much higher number. Is it possible you zoned into one of the static dungeons around 20k? They look like small missions from the inside.

I’m sure I wasn’t, being on a nano blitzing spree. The layout was too large for dungeons I’ve been in, and also had some of those false walls as far as I remember.