No Boss in Team Missions?

While running team missions on Rubi Ka at around level 162, it seems like every few missions there is one with no Boss in the Boss level, only a minion.

Anyone else seen this, is it just a bug?

I’ve never seen that, not even once :open_mouth: Are you by chance killing the bosses and reentering a mission you’ve already been to, but haven’t completed?

Sometimes bosses look like other mobs except for their glow and multiple items they drop. If you kill a mob with 3 or more items it was probably the team mission boss on the top level.

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Thanks, then perhaps the issue is on my end.

I have been pulling them one mission at a time, so I am not re-entering.

I also get an occasional team mission where on the second level there seems to be no elevator to the third.

They have been working on the internet in my area and perhaps that is causing this wonkyness.

Those elevator markers can be hidden well. Behind a shelf or bathroom stall. Hidden rooms can be hard to find. You know your on the bosses level because there are no other rooms.

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Have not had any more issues with elevators, but the missing Boss still occurs but infrequently. This is with running team missions in the Cyborg Citadel and it seems to occur occasionaly if the previous mission was in the same building. The mission objective is always there, which can be completed, just no Boss for extra loot.