NPCs and wildlife not acting normal

Testlive Server US3

These are the things I’ve noticed:

  • Orange iguanas are moving towards their target instead of staying at a distance and ‘spitting’. They used to stay put and spit their green slim at me. Now they walk right up close to me and spit at me.
  • NPCs still attacking werehyenas in the den after recent patch
  • wild boars and Boss Moose no longer give the ‘threaten’ animation when you get close. They just go for the kill.
  • some of the wildlife are not giving an audible cue when they notice and start attacking you. I have music turned all the way down so this is noticeable for me because the ‘fight’ music isn’t there to give me a cue. For example, i used to rely on the typical starting growl from wolves when they first detect me. But i have not been hearing that since this update.

Hey @Thea, thank you for the reports, we’ll send this information to the developers.


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