NPCs are not active in the evening


I play on server #1102 EU and in the afternoon all NPCs stop attacking/responfing. I believe this is either a server issue (though I have been to other servers and I could not find the same situation) or players found a way to mess up the NPCs AI all over the map. This breaks the game so bad that it makes it useless to play. Could someone have a look at this matter!?



It seems this issue is present every day now, on the server I play. I suspect that one of the big clans is using an exploit to raid bases that have a lot of monsters around, disabling the AI for everyone on the map! Someone should really look into this!


This is happening on all servers from what ive read even on my server pvp official 1398, it happens too in the morning but more frequent during active times in afternoon/evening… I think this is a major bug ryt now, most npc will ignore u or jst look at u and some would follow u without attacking… They will attack only if they get attacked(others will ignore u) but if one stops attacking them for 3 sec the aggro will be lost again. Sucks cause it makes the game boring and makes ur base defenseless, i even got raided last and while im fighting the raiders, my thralls are jst eating popcorn watching me lose :cry:


That must be some freaking amazing popcorn then!


Happens in all but private servers I play. The private servers customize the script to resolve some spaghetti code in the 500 More Problems patch.