NPCs disappearing in Battle

Single-player: no-mods

Directly above the desert, in the North by the large enemy city and small lake/pond.

  • Specifically, the hills with the two towers at each end with enemy camps beside them.
    update: StormWatch & DesertWatch

I have had twice, thus far, enemies Im fighting - disappear.
One went past me, as I moved out the way, and he disappeared.
Another, went into the ground.

It happened both times with NPCs from the camp on the east side of this long ‘hill’.
(And each time, I had more than one NPC attacking at the time.)

  • Just say no to disappearing NPCs (and to magically spawning wolves - lol!) :wink:


Final Thoughts:

  • Easy enough to go to StormWatch, as well, and get 3 people to chase you… just keep running, (look to see if they are following), and one will disappear.
  • While it seems it may be due to distance, not being engaged in combat, (remember - they vanish in combat as well), etc. - they don’t simply turn around and go back… they just are gone, or sunk into the ground.

The distance between StormWatch and DesertWatch may be seen as the issue, but I literally just took a Tier III NPC all the way from West to East camp, with no issues… though one vanished, and another dropped out along the way.

  • Under normal circumstances, yes hostile NPCs will leave you be if they cannot get to you.
    i.e., I climb the tower in the middle, they and the boars leave - well, most of the time - but not just ‘vanish’.

Even then, I have taken some from the camps, down the hill to my camp, and let the wolves kill them for me. :stuck_out_tongue:
(So not sure what’s going on.)

Went back in and 4th time… one out of the group of hostile NPCs ‘vanished’.
… so its pretty consistent.

Just antagonize the NPCs in the camp to the east (Desert Watch, I believe) and take them on the flat part of the plateau - and as you are fighting, one should vanish. (Make sure to have a nice group of three min.)

Ok… So, third time is the charm. :wink:

I was fighting two NPCs a third came - (my technique is to run around on the flattest part of the little plateau pictured below) - and as I ran back towards their camp… only two followed - the other vanished.

To be fair, this one could have fallen off the edge, though I don’t believe it was the case, as I was not near the edge… also, I witnessed the first two literally vanish.

Ive also seen them go into the ground here after killing… and sometimes are not even around long enough to loot. Seems there is a ‘magic vortex’ in this particular area.

Location: Between Here… Desert Watch

and Here… Storm Watch (off in the distance)

NPC disappeared mid-battle in B-12, north of the ‘mound of the undead’ (I believe its called)
(Where the village is)

Go up hill, on the north road out of camp - fight someone on the hill, and likely they will disappear.
(Though it has only happened once so far in this location)

Hey @Dhaylen

Thanks for the detailed feedback. We’ll send note to the rescue team and see if they can find them sooner than later.

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@Ignasis, it may be connected to the replication issue. (i.e. multiple wolves, NPCs, etc.)

The reason I have considered this as an option is because one of the ones that disappeared was back at camp. (So was it a duplicate? Or did they just re-appear in camp?)

Again, it may not be tied to the replication issue… thought I might throw it out there. (Have no idea about coding and what can affect what.)

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