NPC's stuck in the ground in dungeons

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[Map: Isle of Siptah

NPC’s are stuck into the ground, and have difficulty to start moving. It’s both a bug and an exploit as it’s easier to farm dungeons. This is an old issue with the base-game, and can be seen when thralls are beaten into the ground/wall during combat, they’ll become stuck until they teleport to the player when the distance reaches a threshold.]

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  1. Start game, enter vault.
  2. Fight through mobs, and you’ll see some of them are halfway into the ground.
  3. Most of them will eventually pop up from their position and start their AI-routine.
  4. Solution? Check if their position is above ground by default.

Hey @BrianDD

We’ll need to know which vaults are affected by this issue so we can relay it to our team.
Thanks in advance.

The vault was Refugee of the Gremlins, at H-7 on the map if I recall correctly. The end-boss was noticeable.

Thanks for the information. We’ve relayed it to our team.

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