Nudity DLC Don't Work Offline - Server setting tab

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Performance
Region: Italy

Hallo. I bought the game yesterday. Why Nudity DLC don’t work in offline mode? The DLC work correctly in multiplayer mode. Thank you.

and why I don’t have “Server Setting” tab in setting ,menu?

Load up the offline game and go into settings. From there go over to the far right tab which is server settings, and make yourself admin. On the same page as you made yourself admin scroll down until you see a drop down menu for nudity. Make it full. Exit out and go into the main menu settings, then the gameplay tab and make the nudity drop down menu full there. Now load up your offline game again and it should stick.

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Hello @Edheldae, thank you for reaching out!

Please let us know if @Nanoc101’s suggestion works out for you.

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