Nudity setting problem very anoying

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: can’t change nudity setting

So why can i chose if i want nudity or not and setting not change when i select a nudity mode it’s really really really REALLY anoying me when i can chose but it will do nothing what ever select in this game setting so i ask why a final version have bug like that WHY !!!

Are you playing on a private or official server? The server’s nudity setting will override your setting. So even if you select full nudity, but the server only allows partial nudity all you will get is partial nudity. Does this answer your question?

Do you live in the usa or outside of the usa? From my understanding full nudity is not allowed on usa based consoles, unless you change the country setting on your system to like the uk or something.

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French/EU official servers usually allow full nudity (I think). Private and Solo obviously do if set. In some Region/Countries licensing forbids any nudity, so check that.

Basically, if you can get full nudity in Solo-play, but not online, then the server setting is not allowing it. Try a private server that has full nudity.

Why do you call it a bug?
WHY !!!


If you play on a private server set to Oceana doing that on my from Us get partial nudity

Everywhere but the usa gets full nudity and it depends on where you bought your copy of conan exiles at.

There are ways around this issue. If you search on reddit they explain how to do it.

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