Nudity settings

**Game mode: Single-player
**Type of issue: Bug
Server type: SP
**Region: local computer

Nudity drop-down bugged - no way to select partial or full nudity. Possible fault in Russian localization. There are 3 options: Нет (None), Частичная (Partial), Полная (Full), but when you select any of them and try to leave settings screen - this drop-down list value is set to Назад (Back), and nudity setting defaults to None. You can change nudity settings in all corresponding .ini files and if you don’t enter this screen again then nudity works well until next patch.


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Can we assume you have enabled full nudity as admin in the server settings?

Not just a Russian thing. Nudity frequently drops back to none on my client. I had a few keymappings change back to default after I set them to custom keys but eventually they decided to stay put. Nudity is a constant issue though.


Yes of course. In fact nudity settings worked OK for me before one of the last patches (I didn’t notice which one introduced this bug).

For me, it changed to none after a patch but it hasn’t reverted after the last time I changed it.

Thank you for your report, we’ve sent it to our team. :slight_smile:

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Ps4 private gportal server. Yes I know that this is PC thread. But I am experiencing this same issue on ps4 can set server and ingame to partial nudity doesn’t work it has previous. Stopped about 3 weeks ago. Location USA. Server set to Oceana that was a work around for a while not now. Any suggestions? TY.

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For now we have informed our team about it and they’ll be looking into it. For the time being, you can (I think) access your server .ini files inside the Gportal admin section and change it from there manually as other users have suggested above.

I play on two private servers (one is my own), both servers have full nudity enabled.
Almost every update sets my personal nudity preference back to ‘None’ (on both servers) and I have to go to my gameplay preferences to set it back to ‘Full’.

It is like the updates set a default value for nudity…


Just thought I’d chime in with my own observations.

I play single player most of the time. The server settings are set to full nudity, as are my client side settings. If I leave it alone, everything is fine. If I go into the settings before entering the game though, my client side setting reverts back to none. I don’t have to click anything, just enter the settings menu from the main menu.


Thanks for this information @Glurin, we’ll inform our team.


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