Obsiadian u can harvest so much off just like rocks, but obsidian isnt used for anything, and it takes forever to throw

would be cool to include obsidian to building materials since you harvest so big amounts of those inside volcano, that or decrease the rate of obsidian you get when you harvest the rocks, becose atm its just a pain in the ■■■ to harvest it.

Ideas for use on obsidian:
1.use it as a fuel material like Coal/dry wood

2.let it be combined for t3 structures to make more chill houses inside volcano (once u build a consealed house you dont have any heat from the envirement)
the process of makeing a possible t3 obsidian wall/brick whatever for a heat resist house can be the same as you do with t3 with blackice, just change out the blackice requirement to obsidian.

  1. just let us do more with the damn obsidian insted of letting of throw them away all the time, i realy dont care what for, but when i have 12-15k obsidian on me its not fun to throw it all out after.
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What about the high tier weapons you can make?

It’s used for obsidian weapons and tools.
But yeah we don’t need nearly as much as we collect. Just a few nodes is all one would need, really.

Would be neat to be able to make it into glass like things.

Such as flasks for better bomb like effects

Obsidian ammo for trebuchet for more damage

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so you use like 5-10 mins to farm 12-15k obsidian and you think its good that we can make high tier weapons with it?

How? How do you have so much?

I ran through last night with an upgraded star metal pick and ended up tossing maybe 2,000 obsidian. I didn’t harvest even close to all of the nodes but I’m not so sure about 12k in 5 minutes though… I play with only x1 harvesting.

We would need obsidian building pieces style in order to use that much obsidian…

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I like the idea of it being used as a glass like material, especially the weaponizing. Like orbs made with it would have a bleed component attached to it since obsidian is REALLY sharp(it’s used for surgery because of how precise an incision it makes), or treb ammo specifically to take out god summons, though it’d be less effective than regular stone for structure damage to compensate.

Also some obsidian furniture options would also be nice for that “Am I evil? Yes I am!” look.

Even with x10 I can’t get 12k in 5 mins of anything. This person put all points into Encumbrance. Or it’s a clan of 30.

I’d like to be able to craft obsidian spike traps like the wood ons but more damage less durability

Also on the note I still think traps should take durability damage each time they deal damage

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