Obsidian shield, no flawless version

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Obsidian shield - no flawless version

Like said, you can learn all recips fighting the volcano boss, and depending your thralls make excellent, and flawless version of the weapons, but not the shield.
There is only a normal version, also with T4 blacksmith thralls. Ever Seka from the volcano.

  1. Go volcano
  2. fight volcano boss to learn the obsidian recips (bars to make your weapons)
  3. make you bars, run home to your fav blacksmithes
  4. see that you can’t make any flawless obsidian shield
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You can only craft Obsidian stuff in the forge in the volcano. So there never will be any flawless version.
(There is/was a bug that you could craft certain items outside of the volcano though)

obsidian forge has been remade, you craft composite obsidian bars now at the forge in volcano, then craft the weapons at your workbench.


Really? Oh wow, i totally missed that.
I never bothered with the Obsidian stuff anymore after learning about its crappy durability and bothersome creation.

there was different changes, and bugs to, so no problem.

But i tried it especially on SP without mods on a new game before posting. You never know on older saves. But no, there are flawless versions of all weapons, also long you own the right thralls, but no flawless shield.

Not that i care lot, i have pretty good shields, but i like also have full collection. And there should be a flawless shield to.

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