[OC] Mutant-zona, please don't steal

After the pretty fun live-stream today with Funcom staff and about 300 other people trying to crack jokes, one comment was felled.

The “mutant-zona”.

Therefore I cringed, then shortly obeyed the rules of internet and began to make the first OC (don’t steal).

The original Kungen (Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Photoshopped meme edition)

The original character Knugen (don’t steal)


He compensates for his prey-animal placed eyes with some fancy goggles, which allows him to look straight ahead at his prey. An unfortunate side-effect however is that because of his advanced ocular device he’s somewhat of an addict of head-ache pills.

I’ll post updates over the coming days where I’ll go from sketch to some sort of rendered image. If you’ve got any fun accessories I could add to him then please post. I’m interested in small “swedish” things like a “penn-troll”, svenska försvarsmakten clothing, or any other interesting doodad you can come up with.

If not, then please just enjoy as I pointlessly draw for my own amusement and wait for saturday to arrive.


OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU. This is incredible


Yes, very good. This pleases us.

Haha xD
Isn’t it way past working hours all yous’ Community peeps? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nicole and I are based in the USA office, so it’s only about 3:45 PM US Eastern.

Aah yes! Absolutely right, there were some 100% american influencers at the bottom of the screen before during the livestream.

Wish you guys a nice day then! I’ll slap my face into the pillow and continue the mem- I mean OC tomorrow.

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Omg <3
Thanks for sharing!

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This is absolutely amazing! :smiley:

Not bad, and with the whole game set from a book, I’m kinda sure we will see a lot more of outsiders around that are mutants or some other settlements … I don’t think theyd only give us one hub …

I love it!

Hook him up with some clothes with the Fjällräven logo, that’s about as Swedish as it gets.

Heck yes! Fjällräven is a given! Give me more if you got any.

I wanted to update yesterday but alas the work for daily bread prevented me from putting up a long nighter.

Haha, I dunno, make him just the hugest coffee addict. Like, a cup of coffee the size of a small animal. That’s pretty Swedish :wink:

Can’t go wrong with Kungen! :smile:

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Well, I said I’d render the damn thing, so I did!

The drawback is that I’ve barely played Mutant this weekend, but I felt like I’d cheat on myself if I didn’t finish the image. D:
Had to settle with just the coffee cup, but I think it suits nicely. Making it a normal sized cup does help to convey the character’s scale as well.



Well done! Do you mind if we share this on our channels? Do you have a site or page we could link to as well?

Hey! Share away! And as for credit you can just refer to my forum handle. :slight_smile: