Working on a Medeival Castle/City in Creative

Its gonna be big but I haven’t even gotten to the city yet. I wanted to share the castle walls because I’m pumped up about finally getting them all built. I’ve got a rudimentary noble/mansion quarter, blacksmith, stables, and palace built too but well they’re not decorated or in a finished state. This is mostly a for fun build, although I might test it against the Purge. I also need to capture some more thralls to man it(or woman it). :grin:

I’m using torches on the outside and in towers but I’m sticking with candles for interior lighting.

Northern Gate
LOD Cuttoff from Northern Gate
Southern Wall


Nice machiculations. Are you using the cinnamon mod so the candles actually generate light in a radius? Looking forward to seeing more pics as you make progress.

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It’ll be cool to see your updates man. Nice lookin. :ok_hand:

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No, I was just using vanilla candles(they kind of suck lol). Can I get that mod on Steam or do I need to go to an external site?

Thanks! I’m having fun with it too.

This is my first wealthy/noblewoman’s society, I’m calling it the Huntswoman’s Club for now. It’s a sort of secret religious cult to Jhebbal Sag and also a club of crazed hunters(think the Most Dangerous Game), where anything and anyone can become the target of the rich club patrons. Even the other patrons depending on the mood of their god.

A view from some of the upper ramparts.

I also made(and mostly finished) the other society kind of club but I realized I haven’t taken any screenshots yet. Its your run of the mill orgy fest basically. lol

Yes, the mod is available on Steam.

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