OFFICIAL 1313 needs fix

Hi there we all been trying to sort some issues with the official server 1313 but so far no luck. So we try once again.
For over a year Official 1313 was EU server with EU raid times.
Raid time used to be 4pm to 10pm (GMT) on last winter time. When we changed to summer time changed to 3pm to 9pm (GMT)
Now we change again for winter time and instead go back to 4pm to 10pm (GMT) it went to 2pm to 8pm (GMT)
So server been EU for over a Full year and now with no reason or warning changes ip and into Russian server. We want our server back as it was. This changes makes us all think why should we now go to a new EU server if this can happen again and we will be just wasting our time.


We need server back to EU or a good explanation why this happen and why no warnings about it.


Not only that the ping is worse for us and we all selected an EU server for better ping, nor the fact that with the movement there came even more glitchers and undermesher and its almost unplayable atm. But the fact that an EU server can be moved without warning or talking to the players there is just uncool for everyone and the worst thing about it. We gathered mats here for a long long time and we’re basically getting forced to leave now if we want to avoid all the problems above :frowning:


I am also playing on this server and i joined it in the first place because it was in europe.
Now like 2 weeks ago the server was moved to russia. The ping went up by about 50 and the community changed from english speaking people to mostly russian speaking people. Since the server moved, it was unplayable for 4 days because of ddos and constant 1020 ping.
I hope we get actuall feedback why the server moved in the first place, without any reason.

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Looks like G-Portal accidentally moved the VM to the Russian server location.


they also moved 1312… I dont think is an accident , is like they are doing intentionally. I wonder can it be change , ping is bad too for me and it used to be good

Hey @Maloeiro

We’ve addressed this issue through another channel.
We’ll proceed to close this thread.