[Official #1500] Time zone was fixed, ping still high FPS low, and wild thralls are gone - solved

The issue has been solved as far as I know. Ping is low, FPS is back up to average.

The damage done to the micro community in the servers has already been done though. I hope that moving forward better communication and more transparency will be a major goal for Funcom. Three days of being unable to play is an eternity in gaming standards these days.


Earlier @Jens_Erik fixed the timezone issue on our server and a few others that had been erroneously changed. I put in for a server restart and it was recently restarted.

The time zone was successfully changed for the server.

However the ping is still 500-1000, and FPS is still 2-3 with the additional new problem of wild thralls not spawning on the server. I’ve got general chat reporting that Sepamaru is a ghost town, and the Black Galleon.

I think we need some deeper probing into what’s going on with the servers, has GPortal moved them to the West Coast without permission possibly corrupting files on the server? I know it doesn’t help to speculate, but something fishy is going on.

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The thralls seem to be back but all the insane lag issues with ping and low server ticks is really killing the server community. I’m afraid that by the time this is resolved, most will have left. Please help us Funcom.

Having the exact same issues on server #1503.


Ha! I play on both of these servers and was coming here to lodge the same complaint. This is unplayably bad.

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i try too power through the lag but it is rough makes using elevators impossible cause you just get rubber banded back. i was so impressed by the changes to the game if we can just get more server stability i feel this game could last a long time.

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We are on day 3 of the server being unplayable. The server that just a few days ago was filled at prime time has been reduced to 10-15 players dwindling every day. The community has successfully been destroyed on my server.

With as major an issue as this, and the lack of initiative by Funcom staff to fix or even respond (with the exception of one staff member) as a new customer to Funcom I will be avoiding games by this publisher and games who have partnered with Gportal in the future.

Thank you for the short-lived period of fun.

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REDICULOUS. Reset never fixed the problem yesterday, so how would it fix it today? Also, I noticed the less players online the better the ping, but even with just me and clan member online the ping was 400-500. I have backed this game SO HARD and for no real response from any staff I’m about to call it quits. R.E.F.U.N.D

If I had to guess, the problem seems to be that the amount of bandwidth being distributed has been cut back. When there are 3 or 4 people on the server latency seems ok. But the more players you add, the worse latency becomes.

1500 has vanished now completely. Going to keep checking in.

We are back up, a dozen people on, 80 ping, 30 server fps. It looks and feels better already.

Same here, #1503 is official fixed. Thanks Funcom.

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