Official 1500 zone changed with no warning, Funcom this is OUTRAGEOUS - solved

The issue has been solved as far as I know. Ping is low, FPS is back up to average.

The damage done to the micro community in the servers has already been done though. I hope that moving forward better communication and more transparency will be a major goal for Funcom. Three days of being unable to play is an eternity in gaming standards these days.


Edit: Current state of 1500

[Official #1500] Time zone was fixed, ping still high FPS low, and wild thralls are gone - solved

Overnight you have changed official 1500 from Eastern to Pacific with NO warning, and completely ignored all threads about the abnormal ping and low server FPS all day. Did you think no one would notice the change? The entire server has been suffering all day because of this, with no response from you. The server that my friends, the friends I have made playing, and I have been on since LAUNCH and you decide to oust us from the server with no warning, no way to recoup losses?

Absolutely ridiculous and unprofessional behavior, Funcom. I expected better.

[PC] Official #1500 having big issues

Further, this is not the ONLY server you did this to!

Offical server 1504 changed to pacific? wtf

Server #1503 unplayable, 700+ ping

Official Server #1505 on PC unplayable due to lag

Official PC PVP server #1576 UNPLAYABLE LAG

Any Word On Fixing Server 1504 & The Others?

Have a chat with your server provider.
Let’s find out if they can pull their thumbs out of their nether regions.

Funcom is the only one that Gportal will report to, as they are the customer. All posts on their forums regarding official servers have been redirected to Funcoms reporting tool.

What in the world is going on here? I logged in to Steam and my server (1500) showed up as invalid/offline. I had to come looking for what happened to the server, and then manually dig through the server list to find the server again. Why in the world would you do this?!?

I understand that you are trying to manage resources as best as you can, but at the very least engage with your community so we know what is going on. And don’t make these changes silently when they impact quality of gameplay! That is just completely alienating to your player base.

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387 servers for PC, assuming all are full, that is only 15000 players, But they are not all full, so that accounts for 7k. There’s usually 25-30k players on steam at a given time, Official server player base accounts for less than a quarter. They could shut down (and should) those servers and still do fine with sales.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve checked all of these servers and they still read as being on the Eastern seaboard on our internal tool, but I’ll send a message off to our ops guys to have them double check.

We have not asked G-portal to migrate the servers (we would have told you if we did), so it’s highly likely this was an accident.


Thank you for checking on it, it really means a lot to me to hear that from you.

I did log in a few minutes ago to check again and the server is still operating at a very high ping and low fps rate with pacific local time being read on the server time.

Before yesterday it was Eastern local time, with ping around 100 and upwards of 15 fps. I’m logging in now to get you a picture of the server settings dashboard. Hopefully we can get this solved.

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Yes, thanks Jens. Server 1504 is still showing pacific time. WIth 10 players online and over 600 ping this morning.

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We’ve double checked all the servers listed in the Reddit thread and reset them to the correct time zone. The change will take effect when the servers restart. We’re also going to investigate the cause of the sudden shift in time zones.

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Thank you so much Jens_Erik, I appreciate it so much. I’m thrilled to hear it.

If they’re investigating into what caused it, I’m seriously thinking it was a malicious hack.

We got a restart and are still suffering from the same issues (minus the time zone) with the new additional problem of, we now have no wild thralls on the server.

yeah 1504 is still very slow to respond. The timezone got updated to reflect Eastern, but the ping is still very high once in game and server FPS is holding at 1-2. When entering your base you have to wait 30-60 seconds for everything to fill in, and then another 20-30 for thralls to spawn that are at the stations. really bad stuff here. fighting mobs is no fun as we are both rubberbanding past each other.

I play on this server as well as on #1503 and both are still experiencing this issue. Their server times have returned to normal, but the ping is a constant 300+, pushing 1k. Server FPS is between 3 and 4. This is unplayable.

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We are on day 3 of this measurably unplayable nonsense and still completely in the dark.

The servers were moved to different set of machines to ensure better DDOS protection. As far as we know this shouldn’t have had an impact on ping, but we’re investigating the issue.

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Is this DDOS issue part of why I cannot connect to servers, either private or official. All I get is “lost connection to server”?

I grabbed some screen shots to show the ping issue.

First one is around 7 AM when only 2 players online, and server is doing pretty good.

Second one is just now, when 16 players are online and it is pushing 800+

Later tonight it will be well over 1000 and unplayable. Nearly unplayable now at 800.

I thank you for the response. I think a sticky in the support forums stating that you guys know about the problem and are actively investigating and working on a fix would go a long way for the many users being affected by this server migration. A large part of the frustration I’m seeing both in the official forums and on reddit has to do with the confusion whether there is a problem, whose problem it is, or whether it’s being acknowledged. It would provide a single place for discussion and comfort a lot of your official server players.

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