Server #1503 unplayable, 700+ ping



Why would you guys move the server cross country??? Now everyones ping on the server is around 700-1000! That is insane!!! I intentionally created a character on a east coast server so I could have a good connection and I’m sure everyone else pick the servers they are on for the same reason.

This is messed up. Not even a warning. At any rate, the game is completely unplayable for everyone.

Official 1500 zone changed with no warning, Funcom this is OUTRAGEOUS - solved

We didn’t do this intentionally (if we had we would have told you), so we’re going to do some digging to see what caused this change in the servers. We’ve double checked all the servers people have asked us about and reset them to the correct time zone. The change will take effect when the servers restart.


Thank you for addressing this. I came here to report this server’s issue as well. I’m glad it is going to be rectified, but perhaps we could get that server restart sooner, rather than later? It really is unplayable right now.


Thanks for the response. Like Awenydd asked, can we get a restart sooner? The game is completely unplayable.


1500 got a restart which changed the time zone, but the ping is steadily at 900 with 2 server FPS so, it doesn’t appear to have fixed the issue


yes Jens, please do not think this is fully resolved. The timezone is now correct, but the servers are unplayable now. Was not like this before whatever happened yesterday happened to make them change to pacific.


Please do fix… we need are dosis of conan exiles every day…


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