Official 3522 loading screen

Official 3522 cant log into server. Never ending loading screen.

Daily server restart didn’t help either. Afew other clans on the server are having same problem. This started happening 2 days ago for me.

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@Community can anyone confirm this is a known issue??? Decay is still on and we cant get into the servers.

@Mayra I see in the #3052 server thread there is a fix for this. Im not to conserned witht the when it gets fix but more so are you all turning decay off on offical servers until we can get back in. Im going to lose 2 years worth of work here.

I finally got in after 3days. I been dying over and over for the pass few days. My entire event log just says you have died of hunger every 4 mins. I can not see how far it goes back since the lines are capped at 200 rows. But when i look for loot bag decay or any odd sort of foul play I get absolutely nothing.

I logged into the server with a naked body and no proof anything happened… how can I die if I was not able to even log into the server. sigh…

there is no fix for 2-3 month. connecting to 3052 is still impossible.

I was able to get in yesturday. Not so much today same issue. Hey FC can we get some 2x harvest or something once this is fixed. I quite literally lost 3 hours worth of mining mats on my body becuase of these glitchy servers

Hello @SindeeSyringe, we’ll be sure to forward your suggestion on providing temporary increased rates as soon as the parity patch comes through.

Regarding server-specific issues, we’d really appreciate it if these could be directed to Zendesk rather than our forums, as detailed below:

Be sure to include specify the time(s) when you experience any issues and to include the timezone.

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