Official conflict servers changing to full PvP

Curious as to why the ONLY xbox Australian conflict (2970) server changed to full pvp? Because you know its always fun to log into a game you knew you were safe on when you left and have literally ALL (they emptied my junk too) of your stuff stolen and most of your base destroyed. This is just appalling tbh. If i wanted the full pvp experience i would have joined pvp in the first place or just stayed on ark and saved some money. SO my options, since theres no other au conflict server, is to keep playing on a full pvp server and essentially restart, play on the pve servers and completely restart and put up with all the random crappy builds that are everywhere like on ark, or play co-op? Because f**k all of that. Guess I’ll “try again” in a year or so.

Update: Turns out its just one massive clan that has been going around destroying everyone elses bases and looting their stuff and they now have a massive (not an understatement) full black ice base in the center of the highlands, a second slightly smaller base on the far side of the highlands and another one blocking the river pass. Not sure what funcom expects people to do when they just randomly change the server from being safe, to not at all. So many people have had everything destroyed by this one clan now and its ridiculous. Either fix this sh*t by rolling the server back a couple weeks or I’m done. Massive waste of time.

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