Temporary PvP - Conflict needed

Funcom please consider temporarily changing all PvP servers to Conflict servers. Many players are losing everything and quitting the game. The reason is due to unfair exploits that can currently be seen all over the internet.


I’ve come to the conclusion they really don’t care that much… I mean there are options they could do that would at least buy them some time for a real fix but they’ve done absolutely nothing. Eventually they will fix it and the loyal few that are left will forget it even happened. Time will go by and it’ll happen again, sooner or later the devs will move onto another game in which they will make more false promises.



Yup, I tend to agree with that statement based on what I’ve seen. I think it’s the simple matter that they don’t have server staff that would administer said servers… The bugs have been reported so they’re working on them in their allotted worktime as normal and that’s pretty much their job. When they’re fixed they’ll release the patch and call it a day.

Their product is the game and not the servers and I really don’t think they particularly care about the data that’s on said servers, aside from having their ToS and Zendesk playing around with addressing player reports.

I’m not saying this is either a good or a bad thing though… it’s simply how they choose to operate.


They should care because it’s the players that buy the over priced items from the bazaar and this could drastically reduce their annual bonus. Also it is bad business practise to not care what your customers think.

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I take it you don’t spend to much time in the forums

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You are wrong, perhaps you were right at a time, but right now you are wrong.

Their product is “Games as a Service” that is literally their model, they aren’t selling new copies of Conan exiles in bulk anymore, all the monetary gain is to be had in the battlepass.

So how is the service as games as a service? poor.

and while I returned to experience sorcery I bought the battle pass, its worth it if you get all the unlocks cosmetic wise, but I am exclusively a pvp player, if I don’t play PVP because the game is fundamentally broken I have no reason to buy new crom coins for cosmetics or renew a battle pass.

And what it would take to fix PVP official at this point is world and inventory wipes and fixing the Dupes, balancing a few of the spells a bit more and proactively and quickly Banning the speedhacking cheaters as a good example killed my new undead horse by outrunning on foot it and teleporting to it, my money was well spent clearly.

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But many PvPers don’t consider Conflict “true PvP”. Without raiding, there’s no way to enforce PvP because people can just sit safe in their castles during PvP time.

I’m not sure how many of these “true PvPers” are people who use duped bombs or lightning to erase other people’s bases, how many are offline raiders who like to erase other people’s bases when they’re not home, and how many want to actually fight against other players.

But I guess many of these players would quit anyway if they lose the opportunity to blow up other people’s bases.

I think you misread what @Xevyr was trying to say. Maybe re read it.

So you don’t think the game is in a state of broken mechanics?

Hence the reason he’s asking for temporary change… they’ve had a lot of time to do something and have done nothing. Hardly even a word.

I don’t see potentially loosing players that wait for others to get offline to then cheese their way into one’s base for the sole reason of avoiding pvp and take the cowards way out necessarily a bad thing… are you a “true pvper”?

Exciting forum PvP again

Absolutely. I battle every day against my worst enemy - myself. Every time I overcome my own weakness and succeed at something I failed before, I become stronger. In other words, I play Single-Player.

As I’ve said before, most serious and critical problems in this game are not caused by bugs, but by other players. Hence, by removing other players from the equation I’ve solved most problems that could have bothered me.

I understand that many people want to play with other people. They want to compete with other people. They want to defeat other people. They want to crush their enemies, see them driven before them and hear the lamentation of their women. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But playing with people also brings problems caused by other people.

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For several years they’ve maintained its a gportal problem and not a them problem. How they are actively allowed to do this seems as i once said - scummy - behaviour.

The single word “Official” carries so much weight to new adoptees of the game. The implicit contract with such games like this, is this is a space in which they own and monitor.

Its like joining new world servers and being told “oh…exploits…sorry thats the server owners problem… but enjoy the game…heres a DLC too :D”

Have they though? Cuz I haven’t been paying much attention to that specific thing but I never actually seen a Funcom rep come out and point fingers at Gportal… I’ve seen players do it though and for a large majority of issues gportal actually IS responsible, we can’t really deny that part.

With this part I agree! I was just thinking about this the other day. I have no problem if they just want to work on the game and sell that as the product and treat their servers as a nuclear testing site for that, because I know that I bought the game itself, it’s not a MMO subscription where I expect them to police stuff etc… but then I really wouldn’t have named the servers “Official”, would’ve just called them “Funcom PvP Server #1284” for example and then people would have less of an attachment to them and be more willing to look elsewhere or make their own servers instead of feeling like they MUST play there. I would reserve the word “official” for something that I can actually allocate staff to.

They’re kinda official in the sense that they use server settings determined by Funcom, implying the “correct”, or “official”, way to set a server.

I think the whole concept is kinda damned if you do, damned if you don’t. When Funcom took no action against building spamming and cheagters, people complained. Now that Funcom does take action against building spammers and cheaters, people complain. Either they act too slowly before taking action, or they act too hastily and hit the wrong targets.

Hiring sufficient manpower to properly administer the servers simply isn’t cost-effective. Maintaining a healthy server community would of course bring more players into the fold, but that would require a lot of dudes and dudettes getting paid for basically patrolling the servers 24/7.

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I’m off to work but an update has landed to fix lightning and exploits! W00t

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