Official forums and Funcom Announcements?

I was surprised to see that this week’s community letter was posted to Reddit and Twitter but that no announcement of it was made on the official forums. Did I miss it? I understand that the forums are tied to the official site, but I bookmark the forums directly and bypass the game page. If the publication of the letter was not announced on the forums, maybe they should be?


I think you are right. It’s nice to have the announcement on Reddit, twitter and the discord’s too but this forum is now the concentration point for this game and all his fans and supporters. It’s my first viewpoint for news. So please Devs: Support your supporters👍

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There’s nothing new in the news anyway. In the end everything sums up as “soon” . This soon is getting quite old now.

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Yeah it’s kinda all over the place I mean why open the forum if it’s not the first place to post news