Official PVP server, players avoid others players to build

This should not be allowed too, some players build only to avoid others players to build in theses spots. This time it is gate spamming …


Welcome to Conan Exiles where evertthing is perfect and fine. If you say something bad your post will be delete. Pve-C a player took Temple Set, I reported and nothing.

Great game,great staff,great mods.

Good luck exile.

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Building defensively should not be allowed?

Wow… just wow…

This is not “Building defensively”, this is spamming a building spot to prevent others players to build there.

It is like foundation spamming that some players call “my land claim”, you do not have to spam foundations outside your base.

The same for blocking obelisks, dungeons, ressources …


Honestly, first and foremost, a certain “culture” of players think that justice works like “people cant do what I dislike or what bothers me”, which is not true. A just system is that which treats everyone without discrepancies. That being said, there is no reason why something “should not be allowed” other than biased or skewed ruling, eg, someone can do something because they “know a guy” or because they “belong to a group”, so, at first, there is no reason to think something must be disallowed because it interferes with that someone think is their right but it is in no way said or implied it is.

From that, derive the idea that it is impossible to prevent people from building “possibly disruptive things” as if one builds in one place, another cant build in that place. The very idea that it is made that way says it is the intended consequence that someone might build something at some place to prevent someone else from doing so.

As the nature of the game implies competition and survival of the fittest, it is strange that someone might think something done in the interest of competing and overpowering “should not be allowed”. This is now World of Warcraft. There are no “Sanctuaries”, you are not happy with what is offered to you in Official servers, and the EXPLICIT idea that they are offered as is and without warranties of you being “reserved a place in them”, you can play Solo, you can have your own server. No one is preventing you to play Conan Exiles, just preventing you from doing something you want “anywhere you want”.

This might be hard for some cultures to understand, but there are no “implicit given rights” of any kind. The only rights you get are the one explicitly given to you, or those no one takes from you. There are nothing in between. You do what you can and are not forbidden to do.

This is true in the real World, it is not in a fictional World meant to be much more cruel that it would be different.

Building a base, even an empty base ok.
Spamming foundations and gates on many building spots across the server to avoid others players to build there, no.

It is against the rules “Abuse of the claim system” below.


Then report them and let Funcom decide if it is a violation of their rules or not. :woman_shrugging:

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They decide what is “acceptable” or not. If they are ok with something, it does not matter what “you”, me or other people think.
Actually, as I said, “I think it is not ok” is not an argument unless you are the person who decides what is or is not ok.
And I am glad it is not players who do.

As you pointed out, the rules tell about it, but it is not to one side to declare if they apply or not.

  • Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, resources and other areas of the game.
    [me] It is hardly possible to block most game content as it is not possible to build close to them unless you use a mod to deactivate building restrictions there. It is needed a very big encircling to block content completely deny access to it. You pictures do not show such big structures for encircling, or the spots are the spots of offical game content subject to this.

  • Abuse of the claim system (claim spam) where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other player’s access to resources and building spots.
    [me]You present a few pictures that show specific places which are a very small fraction of the places to build, not defining “abuse of claim system”. It looks more like you want to build some specific places and the fact that others build there annoys you, but you could perfectly elect to build somewhere else. Your TWO pictures do not show any pattern of behavior, or simple “foundation drop”, instead, it shows some building that seem made to “use the already in map structures” to build shelter using less material. Still not depicting an “abuse of the claim system”.

  • Irresponsible abuses of the building system leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.
    [me] Hardly shown there.

  • Special consideration against these cases will be taken in PVE and PVE-Conflict servers.
    [me]Special consideration means just that. Not that your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

And again, in this post, certain cultures find it hard to believe that “natural rights” do not exist. You are not entitled to something simply because your culture deem those things natural rights or justice. “Being entitled to something just because someone else has it” is not in any way “a thing”.

And the most important thing you have to know about official servers, which most people simply choose to ignore while complaining is:

“Conan Exiles does not offer MMO-Like in-game support, and as such we won’t be able to refund or return any loss of materials, inventories or any kind of in-game property caused by admin intervention, infractions or other losses caused by gameplay.”

And the one rule most people misunderstand when they have entitlement mentality:
These servers come as a free service to all our players who want to participate in the online experience of the game and do not feel like delving into the intricacies of joining a private server or hosting one of their own. This comes with the caveat of us not being able to monitor every server all the time, nor have any active admins or Gamemasters.

This means what it says. And you are not entitled to “a place”, or “fundamental rights” in an Official server. If you cant face the fact that other people might do things that you dislike, you are welcome to play Solo or Co-Op and experience the full map for yourself.

Playing on a full PVP server? Get used to that, or start making bombs.


This is on a PvP server right? Then blow it up!!

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