Official PVP server, test to start a new character to level 16


So it take now 45 minutes to start to level 16 with :

  • 2x2 box, armorer, bed.
  • light armor, stone weapons.
  • first journey steps.
  • food, bandage.

The big problem is the fiber, half the time is harvesting fiber …

After it is the same as before :

  • explore the map in nomad style (jungle, desert, highlands), take obelisks, kill what you can, journey steps, level up, mark bases on map, need 2 hours no changes.
  • then build base, get thralls …

So the changes in harvesting and healing only harm starting players. There is no survival or challenge here, just losing time.

I request a stone tool to harvest fiber at x3, to reduce the time for bandage and no to be locked in the bandage animation, we need to move is there is a danger (this cancel the bandage). Then it will be good :slight_smile:

I have count, 496 fiber to harvest at start for : cloth, bedroll, door, weapons, temple, bed, armorer, light armor, 10 bandages.

Very boring … we need a primiive harvest fiber tool.

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