Official Server #1038 PVE-Conflict All slaves and animals are lost!

I went to the server today after 2 days, all my slaves and animals were lost along with clothes, weapons and resources!!!
Who will reimburse me for this???

I don’t understand how this game is in beta after many years.

Hi, i am on serveur official 1038, character named Brunehilde, and i lost all my compagnons…

Please !!! KROM SAVE US !!!

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Someone said that the admins made a typo when adjusting the decay timers back from the summer decay. So instead of 10 days, thralls apparently now decay in 1 day!!

I cannot confirm this however.

Outch ! 1 day…:sweat_smile:

Yeah its confirmed. All official servers. This is a really bad joke.

Same happened in server 1977-LATAM

Are there plans to regularize or reimburse the players?

Funcom, I had 55 thralls that I very carefully picked and some of which I’ve painstakingly trained

Pls for the love of god do some damage control here

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