Thralls decay bug!

To funcom

There is a major bug going on atm!

Official Server 1005 PVE EU, all of our thralls/pets are gone. They completely vanished, even tho we have been online every day and the base is still there. And we only had about 25 thralls in a clan of 2 members.

According to the event log this is what happened:

Please fix this issue! Some of the thralls where legacies.



Really hope Funcom can tell what has happend, the base was there and it has been refreshed every day.

Hi Zcarlett, hi Funcom-Team
our clan had the very same thing happening tonight.
There is not a single Thrall or pet left. Yet no structures decayed.
We are playing on Official Server 6432 PVE-C EU.
Two of our clan members left the clan the day before. We thought that might have been the reason for this tragedy, but apparently that wasn’t the cause, if it happened to others.

We feel you guys T^T

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Thanks for your reply, its nice that we are not alone.

I noticed the eventlog - Save Bob, Bob decayed :smiley:

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Well that must have hurt… Does it decayed horses / animals too?
I suggest sending ticket to funcom zendesk.

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Yeah, we lost all followers, without exception. :neutral_face:

And thank you for the tip. I just submitted a ticket. :slight_smile:
Let’s wait and hope. I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.

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