Official server 1074 too laggy

I don’t know what is going on, but too often the server lags out, nobody can really play on the server, what is going on?

Server lagging 3 days, but today it really terrible.

Hi there,

Does this issue appear in any certain area or is it across the entire map?

entire map, to every player, someone is hacking it, noticed I could run trough bases etc and loot them. They are exploiting. I don’t know how they are causing the lag, but the lags makes you able to run trough buildings.

To replicate the running trough bases, I think you need to be away from it, noticed since I was out farming, when I ran back, I kept running trough my base instead of opening the gate. Then I realised I could run all the way in and loot my chests and other things.

Still too laggy again… whatever they are doing, this server is unplayable

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