Official Server 1588 frozen!

Game mode: Online Official (1588)
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvP
Region: United States

Official server 1588 locked up and kicked me and my friend, now we can’t join because it seems the server froze, and didnt just crash. It did this with such a small window of time before the raid time expires today D:

It’s broken… I was tweeting at G-Portal and they did something and they were up for a few minutes and then went down just intime for me to discover that my body had either been looted or despawned. I died right before getting kicked the first time the servers went down.

FunCom… Fix your game

They finally brought it back up for a while it seems, but it just froze up, so, the stability was short-lived…

Server just froze AGAIN. This is getting a bit frustrating since I don’t know if the developers are even aware of this issue.

The servers have been horrible the last few days and now, since last evening it seems 1588 crashes when a fly farts. I’ve done the whole report official server thing.

You need to put something in place to better communicate the status for the official servers. This Google Forms BS that G-Portal seems to ignore is annoying.

Also, when the servers crash recently they still seem to report that they are up in the Game Browser, the Steam Server Browser, and the various Server monitor sites (Battlemetrics etc)

Server 1202 is down all the time too. The last two days have been horrible to play

I am from 1588. If it was crashing that would be ideal, but the server is freezing, so its not automatically restarting. And the G-portal nonsense is getting quite frustrating. If they aren’t being complete ignored, they are not being checked frequently enough.

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Yes… I have a suspicion the blame (real or not) will fall on the issues that are supposed to be addressed in the upcoming patch but I suspect this is a different issue.

Yes… I suspect that G-Portal is not monitoring the servers sufficiently. I’ve tried them for other things and I’m not a fan, though I think some of this is FunComs code as well. They certainly should be monitoring the official servers themselves instead of just assuming G-Portal will. It is their game after all.

Right, even if it is Conan’s code, G-Portal should be able to detect freezes.

Came up for a few minutes and went down again…

It was up for a split second… I was trying to find my Thrall and BAM! Crash…

This game is great, except for the net code or whatever you want to call it.

I wish we knew whether or not they have actually acknowledged the issue… In a way it leaves us with no end date to this. Server still down… :confused:

If they acknowledged it it would mean they would have to do something about it.

FunCom really should be admin’ing the official servers or at least taking a more active role instead of just handing it off to G-Portal.


… and down again…

Are we fixing this before the next update or are we supposed to wait a week to play? Looks like we need to switch back to Ark if the game isn’t playable in the next day or two.

Please advise

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Hey everybody,

Today’s patch will probably put a stop to this situation. Apologies for the frustration.

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