Good afternoon, it is urgent to reset the CONAN EXILES client on the server, since many environments are with BUGS, NPC’S from the game that disappeared for 3 days and did not appear again, example at the bottom of the ASURA cave.

It is necessary that the server is restarted at least once a day to prevent these situations.

Aren’t there automatic restarts for all officials once per day? I doubt you will get any reply here, you can try reporting whatever issues you have with this server via a ticket:


All OFFICIAL servers reset every 24 hours. If you are on a private server, you need to ping that servers admin.

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Good point, I went to check if 1975 is an official server or some of those fake “officials” but it is an official server so it should restart every 24 hours.


The biggest bug I know of is people that don’t use bug report forums and expect fixes via General Discussion. :rage: About the Conan Exiles General Discussion category

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Hello @Tirissa, welcome to the forums.

We’ve just looked into Server #1975 and it has not skipped any of its automatic daily restarts, please be aware that the cause for missing NPCs could be due to their spawn points being blocked by other players’ claim areas, in which case you should reach out to us through Zendesk and provide as much information as possible so that we can determine how we can provide further assistance, as detailed below:


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