Official Server 2803 clan functions broken

Game mode: [Online | Official Server 2803]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [All]

All clans logged in with a naked character. All gear on body lost. All items owned by clan show as “no name”. Can’t open doors or chests. Huge huge problem.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.All clans on server experiencing this.

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My clan is also not registering!! Does this mean we have to start all over!?

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Still broken. People demolishing walls to escape their base.

We are just going to start over fresh. I doubt this will be something they can fix unfortunately

We are staying on the same server though

How can you demolish if you can’t interact with the base?

Give Funcom a few hours before you restart as this report was made after their office hours. This topic was created when it was about 8pm in Norway.
If you can use the server report tool on login interface to send a report to Gportal as well.
It sounds like a database glitch to me so don’t give up everything until they have atleast a day to look into it.
As I post this reply it’s about 1am at their offices.

Not sure, anything that renders a clan name like chests, doors, torches says “no name” like it doesnt belong to the tribe. Since walls and other building pieces dont unless you have a hammer, they seem to still belong to the tribe so you can interact.

Easy for you guys lol, we have 3 huge bases.

Hey there,

Does this issue persist after having restarted the server?

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