Official Server #2810 is broken

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America]

[Players are glitching through any and all placed buildings, and cannot interact with anything ranging from doors to chests to lore tablets. These issues are making it neigh on impossible to actually play the game.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I ran into a similar issue after the recent hotfix where I was unable to interact with any stone formations. Luckily for me logging off and back on a couple times the issues seems to have corrected itself.

What I really find interesting is how so many different Xbox console players can have so many seemingly different issues\experiences on their servers.

Are you on a private or official server?

Worse than broken now it doesnt even show in server list its been more than 24hrs and i think im giving up on it

Was a cleaver play on their part take our money then disappeared the server

Server is down again!!! This is quite frustrating. Although very tiresome I am less concerned about all of my stuff disappearing than I am about having to start over on another server. Leveling up takes a lot of time and this feels like a waste of it to me. I have been extremely happy with this game and it quickly became my favorite but this constant server down and the game crashes are wearing thin. Maybe I will just go back to ARK

stilldown and has been since 8-22-2018 at 3am my time california is there a list of servers that are never coming back somewhere i really dont want to start over on another server 4 times cause of problems not on my end seems rather excessive maybe its look into refund time