Official server crashing 1020

Just reporting a server crash. character Hawksilver. just left base, server crashed, couldnt log back on. following morning, logged back on, character had died and all stuff gone and no death loot so all stuff lost. checked log and server had gone down but there had been no warning. any chance of getting my items back?

also, having extreme difficulty building. some pieces just will not snap into place whatever the position. quite frustrating. is there a technique to do this?


There is no “item restore” service on officials. I am afraid, you won’t be able to get your items back :pensive:

Regarding the building problem, it depends why they won’t snap (somthing blocking them!?) but it often helps to switch the building pieces. For example, you have a wall and a foundation on the hotbar, you are trying to place the wall but it won’t snap, switch to the foundation for a second and then back to the wall.

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