Official Servers keep going down

Hi, today’s 2nd time Official Server I play in goes down.
EU #1052.

As far as I know this is a recurring problem: is Funcom going to do something with gPortal to solve these problems ? Cause it’s getting annoying !

They should bring the limit from 40 to 20.

Way to impress newcomers.

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Is the free week over yet? The sad truth is that this game needs to to run below the radar to achieve acceptable performance on officials at least.


That made me think of a feature the server browser needs. Show server FPS before someone connects.

I saw that edit Mikey :stuck_out_tongue:

CE has been on sale at Steam during the weekend for $11.99, and for the next two hours at least. I hope the servers can get their crap together to support all these legit new accounts.

Which is the literal failure of a game.
It’s obvious that actual servers are too old to support the load and must be upgraded.

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