Official Servers not showing up anymore


I am playing CE on Xbox Gamepass PC and I have been for the last week without any problems. I even played this morning. Now when I try to get back in after a few hours break there are no official servers in the listing anymore. I only see private servers. I have double and tripple checked all search options and I also have my server as a favoruite one and it is not there anymore.

EU - Official - PvE - 1008.
But it is not just my server, it is all official servers are gone / not listed.
I cannot find any info about this anywhere. What can be wrong? I also rebooted my computer and relogged Xbox app to make sure that was not an issue.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Playstation is getting updated also Xbox have you got it

That is the problem. So I play on Xbox game pass PC and it is so poorly supported by MS or Funcom whoever is responsible for the implementation of that store front.

So it won’t auto update, there are no official info about a patch in-game, the launcher does not automatically update the game.

So I go in to manually update it and that doesn’t work either. This is the second time in 1 week I need to delete the game and download ALL OF IT again. Dowloaded 90 Gigs 3 times in 7 days due to not being supported on gamepass to automatically or by using the the button update the game.


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I feel you, doesn’t seem to be any folders to delete so that it thinks the game needs to be updated/reinstalled too sadly but maybe someone has found a workaround? if not I guess its just reinstalling every hotfix…

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