Official servers without avatars

Funcom. Can we please have a couple of non-avatars (EU) official PvP servers? Just re-roll a couple of the permanently dead ones already running. Would that be to much to ask? @Community

If not; At least tell us why not.

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Please give us this

Hey there,

We moved the thread to Feedback and suggestions.

Regarding the topic, there’s currently no plans to have select official servers with avatars disabled. However, this is one of the many options available on the server admin panel for private servers and can be tweaked to adapt the experience to their needs.

Hey, @Ignasi

With 90% of the PvP servers beeing dead and empty due to hackers and/or avatar warfare, which isn’t any fun at at all - what would be the downside of re-rolling a few empty dead servers? Why is dead servers better than trying something new?

It would be nice to have a few offical servers with this settings as playing on private servers always pose a risk to when the server is taken down, or an admin gets the god-complex and starts harassing players.

To provide a little context: The avatars were taken out of the game for rebalancing, and then came back without any real change. Rendering them still all to powerful.

The only reason why this wasen’t a problem until a few months ago was because everyone used the “duplicate bubble” glitch which gave you unlimited amounts of avatar protection for the price of one. As this bug eventually was fixed, the real problem with the avatars then again revealed itself.

Everyone is now just nuking everyone with avatars.

And to make matters worse you can put the avatar creating on, which takes 1 hour. Then just sneak on up to the enemy base and wait for the token to spawn right in your inventory. Then use it instantly. The defenders won’t have any time to react.

This now results in avatar wars all across official pvp servers. Noone does PvP anymore. It’s all about nuking your oponent before he or she nukes you.

Im usually pretty salty, but this I do NOT mean in a salty manner:
I’m not sure if Funcom appriciates just how game ruining avatars are for a populated pvp servers now that avatars is the new (and only) meta.

Speaking only for my self, I have stopped playing the game solely because of how devestation to the game avatars are. And I won’t be returning until avatars are fixed. And that I think the answer to is; never. Which makes me a little dissapointed.
Therefor I’m hoping we can get some avatar-free servers. Because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who left the game because of this. Just take a look at how dead PvP servers are. And that’s 50% cheater related and 50% avatar related.

I would like the game to have construction limits and no avatars. Otherwise, all PVP is just building the foundations VS avatars.

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