Official Wiki: Update 34 - Sacrifice was made, but any help is appreciated!

If you don’t look on the wiki that often, you might be wondering

In Official Wiki: Information and contributor inquiry on Update 34, I asked for contributions/contributors for the wiki. Several forum members have been very helpful to provide info on not only Pets, but also other pages that needed updating.

:orange_book: Changes since last time

  • MrPie5 has left us as Wiki Manager and has been replaced by MannedTooth
  • Testerle generated a ton of pages (lots of :kappa: pages…) for the update, as is the usual, and thus all the Animal Pen crafting magic. They also did more Beehive datamining for @Nullcoda
  • The Pet page finally got a fresh look, with every single synonym Jens tries to use for the new updates in every single newsletter hopefully wiped of it :smile:
    I, SirBowen improved the information and Remcullick added some of the Pet food and preferred pet food as a wikitable.
  • Multigun is a :star: when it comes to summarising all the Upcoming features that had been mentioned in the Twitch QA stream. He’s also helping to confirm whether thralls are added by the vanilla game or not.
  • RedDeadConejo :wave: is new to the wiki editor team and has continued where others left the Spanish translation of the wiki. :es: (Not yet aired fully, spanish contributors are appreciated!)
  • SirBowen is also a new wiki editor :wave: and has been generally very helpful, assisting with creating new pages and sections by adding images.
  • Added Pets & Hunger Server Settings that were provided by our beloved CM Jens
  • Added the Jhebbal Sag priest and Archpriest on the Priest page.
  • Added some thralls location info, provided by several users on the forumns.
  • Changed and removed quotes, notes and places of info. Sorry for any inconvenience!
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