Offline Multi-Spawn Issue

When I first got this game in early October, I started a local offline game. During the playing of this game, I have experienced NPC spawns that have doubled, tripled, and even quintled.
Has this been reported as a bug, if so, what are the solutions to this. Since I have experienced this issue, I have been playing online servers however would like to continue the offline solo experience.

Heya! Indeed, this is know. You can actually see it listed in our Trello board under the “For Prioritization” column. We’re working on a fix for it. Sorry about that!


Oh, good… I was hoping something will correct this age of clones. I will read up on this.

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This seems to happen when they chase you and the zone resets (with new spawns), and then they return. Quitting and reloading might help.

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