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The Legends Library compiles all of the in-game lore (ahem) Legends into a searchable database available for offline reading.

Lore from all three languages (English, Français, and Deutsch) are supported. App localization, however, is currently only available in English or Français. If you wish to help with localization – I very much would like a German-speaking volunteer! – please contact me. You only need the ability to access Google Docs.

You can keep an eye on the dev blog to be aware of future additions to the app.

THERE WILL NOT BE iOS SUPPORT. The reason why is covered in the FAQ linked above. Please read it! If you ask this question, I will ignore it. Maybe if Apple changes their policy (haha!), we’ll see.

If you do not have an Android device, but would still like to use the app (on your desktop or laptop), additional information about this can also be found in the blog FAQ.


The Secret World / Secret World Legends celebrates its anniversary! Learn about the Gatekeeper and the golems of Gaia in this new update!

-One new Legend!

The Talos of Gaia

-The TSW entry “Guardians of Gaia” (Events) renames to “Golems and the Fourth Age” (Global -> Ancient Mysteries) for SWL-mode.
-Resolved a crash while trying to open the Tumblr link.
-Resolved a caching issue where a fresh install would start the app in a non-default state.
-No more lost favorites on new lore updates. A lot of code was rewired, in general, for better database updates in the future; give me a hollar if I missed something!
-Android P support

Modding Overview & Index

Version 1.7 is being released today. My original post has been updated with the new notes. If you have automatic updates enabled on your device, the update should be coming some time today. Or if you impatient, you can always download the standalone APK from my blog.