Okay i had an idea for the golem

So we all know that we cannot repair/heal them but what if there was a way?

Im thinking 2 possible ways

One is by a new item which is a golem repair kit which could be made just like weapons repair kits so stone iron steel etc which could be like small repairs like stone being 50 or a 100 hp iron 200 steel 400 hardened steel 800 etc

The other way is with giving them perks

All followers have perks why not our golems?

It could make them even more special as their abilities with certain body parts could be as extra in the perk like making your golem fire infused so they do some burn damage or make them less vunerable to burning effects or
As far as the healing goes an its alive perk so it is no longer an soulless golem and it can now regenerate health on its own within time

Let me know what yall think i will be making a perk list on my next post!

Thank you for reading!