Old jyko bug - spoiler!


I’ve beaten the final Boss of the DLC, yet no endscene shows.

I have taken out both tree hearts, and - even though it shouldn’t be necessary - all other enemies as well, but nothing happens.

I’m playing on PC, Hard difficulty, no iron mutant.

Please help :slight_smile:

best regards

Hello @Finadril, welcome to the community!

From which digital storefront are you playing?

Does reloading a previous save or restarting the game have the issue persist or reoccur?

playing from epic games, restart does not help, reloading a save from before the fight starts is a wip yet :wink:



playing the fight in one go-through without saving or loading an in-fight-save worked, when i have time i’ll try to reproduce the bug, for now it worked.

best Fina

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